Right from the very beginning, we knew God’s hand was upon Makayla. She was sweet, bright, kind, loving and caring. She loved the Lord with all her heart and showed wisdom beyond her years. Makayla was special in every way… a precious gift to us.
Her name fit her ever so perfectly. Makayla - meaning who is like God? And Joy—for that is exactly what she brought to us. During her few short years here on earth, Makayla made a beautiful impression on all those who knew her. Her legacy of faith is impacting families even today.
Makayla’s story began long before she was ever born. As soon as we got married, we prayed that God would bless us with a child. Our prayers were eventually answered when Makayla was born on December 6th, 2002. She became the joy of our lives. As we home schooled her, Makayla grew in character, purity of heart and love for the Lord and others. She was known for being diligent, thoughtful and very polite. She loved to learn and had a gift for memorizing and reciting Bible verses, psalms and poetry.
Makayla also loved to sing, dance and above all, she loved to read. She began reading at the age of two.  Books were her favorite pass time. We never watched TV in our home. Instead, we read books morning, noon and night. Cuddling on the sofa and reading together as a family are now some of our most cherished memories. Makayla had such a vivid imagination and loved to pretend and tell stories.  We would often tell Makayla that she might be an author one day. At last, she is an author with the release of her storybook called “The Bear’s Castle”.
Our hopes and dreams came to a shattering halt when on November 26, 2009, we suffered an unspeakable tragedy. On Thanksgiving Day, when our family was giving praises and thanks to God, a killer came uninvited into our home and massacred 4 family members, including Muriel’s mother and our six year old Makayla who had been tucked into bed for the night.
Makayla’s heavenly Father took her home to be with Him that night. Not a day goes by that we don’t long or ache for our daughter. But through the anguish and the tears, we have made it our mission to keep Makayla’s light shining. The evil will never snuff out the good. As a result, Makayla’s testimony is bringing glory to God and bringing beauty out of the ashes.

For those who never had the chance to meet our precious little girl - we have created this website. It is filled with pictures, videos and articles related to Makayla’s life. We hope that as you remember Makayla, you will be inspired by her faith in God and her love for life and others.