The Bear's Castle

The Bear's Castle

by Makayla Joy Sitton
illustrated by Tyler hollis

Book and CD Set: To obtain a copy of the book and CD set, please visit us at “The Bear’s Castle-Makayla Joy Sitton” on Facebook.

Our sweet six year old girl stood boldly upon her faith and loved singing, dancing, and reading. On Nov. 26, 2009, shortly after sharing a Thanksgiving Day message about God with her family, Makayla’s life was taken in a deadly massacre. But the evil could not overtake the good. Makayla’s light continues to shine bright for all to see.  You, too, will be inspired as you read this story of kindness, created by a little girl who has touched the hearts of many.

“The Bear’s Castle” came about while home schooling. Mama had asked Makayla to just tell an impromptu story. She was only 6 years old when suddenly out of her imagination sprung this sweet tale of a little bear who builds a castle and befriends a unicorn.

Providentially, we captured Makayla’s telling of the story on audiotape. We now share this special recording of Makayla with you. As parents, we know how much little ones love to hear other children read and tell stories. In this audio book set, you will hear Makayla’s actual impromptu telling of the story, “The Bear’s Castle”, as she first created it. May this sweet, simple story bring you and your children many precious moments together. “The Bear’s Castle” has now become a precious treasure for our family as we hope it will be for yours.

Illustrator Tyler Hollis

Children’s storybook illustrator, Tyler Hollis, reached out to us after hearing of our Thanksgiving Day tragedy. She too has suffered the death of a daughter and could relate to our heartache. After reading about Makayla’s love for books and storytelling, Tyler graciously offered to take Makayla’s story about the little bear and turn it into this book.  We had always told Makayla that she might one day be an author. At only 6 years old, at last Makayla is one. We are forever grateful to Tyler for helping to make Makayla’s dream come true. You may visit Tyler's website at:

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